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Our Landscaping Services:


Groundwork Design

Your lifestyle and your requirements are thoughtfully explored and our designers will work with you side by side to create a unique and customized design plan for your garden, landscape and containers.

Softscape Material Placement

Trees, shrubs, sod, ground cover, perennials, annuals and bulbs. We carefully select the right plants and trees that will succeed on your property and add year round or seasonal interest to your landscape.

Hardscape Material Installation

Retaining walls, patios, terraces, walkways, water fountains, artistic elements, and more. We use locally available materials to promote local businesses and neighborhoods.

Brownstone & Town House Gardens

Your front and back yard gardens should be natural extensions from indoor living to outdoor enjoyment. We increasingly improve many New York City small outdoor spaces for home and business owners.

Building Front Plantings

Greenery for the Building entrance: Planters, Container Plants, and Tree pit Plant displays. Whether it's a store front, restaurant or a residential building, we understand the value of quality curb appeal.

Patio and Terrace Gardening

Need to maximize even the most smallest of spaces? We can help develop a garden that will fit your personality, space, and needs. Structure, focal points, flowers, and firm trees and shrubs render year round elegance.

Tree Plantings

We keep in mind the mature size and environmental needs of various tree species when making planting proposals. This ensures that the right tree is planted in the right place for fast growth and long term survival.

Exterior Staging

A cared for landscape is proven to help realtors and individuals selling their home or business. We can help you create quality curb appeal prior to listing.

Landscape Renovation

The landscape around your home or business can be transformed into an inviting and functional outdoor space. We do many renovations every year, working with budgets and desires.

Seasonal Services

Seasonal plantings, pruning, bark mulch installation, composting, winterization and more to keep your landscape looking its best year round.

About Company

full-service, year-round company of land care professionals specializing in landscapes on residential and commercial properties in and around the greater New York City area.

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  • Remodeling and Home Design
  • Remodeling and Home Design