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Green Echo Studio is a New York City based, full service landscape design studio that also provides a range of landscape and exterior maintenance services for homes and businesses. Our staff includes a professional landscape architect, with undergraduate and graduate degrees in landscaping and landscape design, as well as experienced and knowledgeable landscapers and workers.

Green Echo Studio handles indoor and outdoor landscape projects of most sizes. We specialize in creating custom, low maintenance, functional gardens and tailored upkeep plans for your landscaping and building exterior; all to fit your needs and budget. At Green Echo Studio our goal is to masterfully design, precisely build, and carefully maintain beautiful, green living spaces to increase your property value and enjoyment. Whether your needs include space planning, beautification, or just a program of personalized lawn, garden and exterior care, we are happy to provide a complementary consultation to address your concerns.


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full-service, year-round company of land care professionals specializing in landscapes on residential and commercial properties in and around the greater New York City area.

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Schedule an appointment with one of our Designers & Project Managers for your design & build landscape project today. We offer free estimates and 10% off for new clients.

  • Remodeling and Home Design
  • Remodeling and Home Design