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By employing Green Echo Studio, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as GES) you accept these terms of service. GES terms of service apply to any work performed by us and are incorporated into the contract provided to the Client.

1) Any deviation from agreed specifications and/or terms shall be by mutual agreement and shall be in writing. Payment for extra work and allowances for omissions shall be fixed in advance on demand by either party and shall be set forth in writing. 2) All material remains the property of GES until full payment has been received for job completion. 3) If the Client chooses to terminate the contract or abandon the project in any state of its development, GES shall be entitled to just and equitable compensation for all services performed on the Client’s behalf up to the time of such notification. 4) All drawings and specifications, if any, remain the property of GES until the account is paid in full. 5) GES may, at its discretion, engage subcontractors to perform any portion of work, provided GES shall fully pay said subcontractor and always remain responsible for executing this contract. 6) This agreement is contingent upon weather, Acts of God, product availability, strikes, accidents or delays beyond our control. 7) The client/owner will be responsible for location/stake out of all property lines, underground wiring and piping (e.g.: cable, TV, gas, telephone, hydro, water, irrigation, lighting, etc.). 8) GES will not be responsible for claims or damages arising from the Client’s failure to properly locate property lines and/or utilities and other underground services. 9) Client is responsible for securing all necessary permits, unless specified in writing. GES will not be responsible for any neighborhood, subdivision, or association violations or any costs caused by said violation without prior notification of code. It is not the practice of GES to work without authority permission, however any request made by Client to complete work without permission releases GES from any liability. 10) The Client shall be responsible at cost for the removal of any obstruction which occurs during excavation. This could include buried rocks, stumps, foundations, etc. 11) After practical substantial completion, GES will not be responsible for any damage through the elements, including drought, winds, rain and frost to any material(s) including plants. 12) Maintenance is not included in the contract unless specified. 13) All hard landscaping is guaranteed for one (1) year against defects in workmanship and materials from the time of completion. 14) Plant material supplied by GES is guaranteed for one (1) year from the time of acceptance provided that proper maintenance and protection has been performed (watering, weeding, cultivation, etc.). Exceptions are noted in Clauses 15, 16, and 17. The warranty or guarantee is limited to a one-time, free of charge, repair and/or replacement of each item completed by GES, within the given time period only. Acts of vandalism and animal damage are not guaranteed. 15) The guarantee does not cover roses, annuals, bulbs, and any other tender plant material specified in writing by GES. 16) Accounts must be paid in full before any replacements of materials under this guarantee are made. 17) The use of de-icing salt (calcium chloride) on walkways will void guarantees #14 & 15. Use of alternative de-icing products is recommended. 18) During the guarantee period, the Client is responsible for the prevention of any damage to the landscaping. 19) Payment Schedule & Terms: Residential: 50% on signing of contract and 50% on completion of project. Commercial: Payment terms to be arranged with GES. 20) No warranty and/or guarantee work will be performed until payment in full is received. Balances outstanding for over thirty (30) days will void any warranties and/or guarantees. Outstanding balances will be charged interest at 3% per month. 21) GES reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of New York and constitutes the entire agreement between the parties regarding its subject matter.

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