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Common Features of a Winning Landscape Design

While one of the best things about landscape design is the virtually limitless room for imagination and creativity, there are a number of common elements, and common themes, that homeowners can use to create a beautiful landscape. From natural elements like trees and shrubs to manmade ones like decks, patios and gazebos, these landscape design features can be combined in different ways.

Landscape design is an important part of the enjoyment of any home, and an integral part of the home’s value. From backyard gatherings and holiday celebrations to everyday living, the features in the landscape can be an important part of our lives. It is important, therefore, to use care when designing them in order to get the maximum benefit for the least amount of money.

Among the most common manmade structures in the landscape are patios and decks, and these structures can provide a great place for families to relax and have a good time. A patio can be anything from a simple extension of the home to a covered area complete with gas grill and full outdoor kitchen. The ideas are endless and for many the patio is the natural extension of the home and the transition from indoor living to outdoor enjoyment.

The same is true of decks, and decks too run the gamut from simple and function to large and elegant showplaces suitable for parties and celebrations. Decks are also the perfect place for a variety of other design elements, including perhaps even a relaxing hot tub or spa.

When it comes to designing the natural features of the landscape, there is also a great deal of choice. There are many types of gardens, of course, and the type of garden you choose is limited only by your own imagination.

For a wonderful informal garden, you may want to consider an English cottage garden. These gardens are known for their lack of rigidness, and the fact that they are allowed to grow more or less freely can mean less maintenance, and a beautiful natural look.

That does not mean, of course, that the English cottage garden lacks all structure, and in fact such a garden can be home to many colorful flowers and lots of lush foliage. Perennials work best in this type of setting, since they can be planted only once for season after season of beautiful blossoms.

Japanese gardens have been growing in popularity as well, and the Oriental flair can provide a great deal of charm and beauty in virtually any setting. It is important to note, of course, that many Japanese gardens can be difficult to care for, since they by their very definition will use non native species of plants. If you are up to the challenges they create, however, these Oriental gardens can be quite stunning.


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